Winkler is a top quality painting firm, and their prices will usually not be the lowest... you choose Winkler if you want the best quality.

Still time this summer to get that painting done!

Summer is going fast! It’s time to get that interior painting done, before we are focusing on back-to-school.
There’s still time to get our free estimate for your interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, or exterior painting. And we can get the job finished before the back to school work begins.
interior painting alexandria

It’s hot! But a good time to paint

It’s hot! But don’t forget, it is still the perfect time to have your interior and exterior house painting done. While we have this nice weather, the Winkler crew can get the job done. In this shot, our crew paints a home in Arlington, Virginia.
Enjoy your summer, but don’t forget to get that painting done!


It makes a difference

Rich Winkler Painting has dedicated crews who are experienced and have worked with Rich for years. That’s why Winkler Painting is the exterior and interior paint company of choice in Alexandria and Arlington.

We whistle while we work…painting houses

Some days we just paint trim. Some days we paint whole houses. Some days we paint the whole inside of houses, and some days we just paint a room or two. Call us for any type of painting in Alexandria, Arlington or nearby.



Painting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be painted to look fabulous! If you are tired of your dark wood kitchen, Winkler Painting can make your Alexandria or Arlington kitchen look like it has expensive brand new cabinets. A speciality of ours is painting kitchen cabinets.

A house we just painted? Nope

Winkler 6-20-16

Should we show you a house we just painted? Nope. This is one we painted years ago. When your Alexandria, Arlington or Washington D.C. home is painted by Winkler Painting, it looks better longer. Careful preparation and top quality paint, along with years of experience, make a big difference.

Old Town Alexandria, a horse of a different color

Alexandria VA house painter

Painting a historic home in Old Town Alexandria is a ‘horse of a different color’. You don’t paint a historic home the same way you do just any old house. You have to consider the materials, deterioration, the trim etc. Rich Winkler Painting and his staff are experience experts in this field.

Book your Arlington house painting job now

IMG_3096With this crazy rainy weather almost behind us, we are going to be very busy. So it’s best to book your Arlington house painting job with us as soon as possible.

We are always happy to come out and give you a free estimate. Rich Winkler Painting and Restoration provides top notch painting and paint preparation services inside and outside your home. We dont hire temporary works every time we get a job, our crews are our dedicated staff and have been with us for many years.

Your Arlington home is a major investment and it only makes sense to have the paint job done properly. Why? Because if a crummy job is done, you will need another paint job in two years.  When we prepare the surface and properly apply the paint, you wont need a paint job for many years!

Painting with Historic Views and Historic Homes.

Beautiful Old Town Alexandria is full of many historic homes and historic views. We take great care when doing interior and exterior painting, no matter the home, not matter the location.

We work on some of the most beautiful homes in the area.
Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase or Washington DC.