Winkler is a top quality painting firm, and their prices will usually not be the lowest... you choose Winkler if you want the best quality.

Who is the boss?

When you spot Rich Winkler and his team painting in Old Town Alexandria, there may be something that’s hard to miss…

Exterior Painting in Alexandria

“I’d like to request exterior painting for: the frame in the front entrance, the 4 windowsills above the front door, the side 3rd floor window frames, the back 3rd floor window frames and the back windowsills and face boards on the top floor under the windows.” – Alexandria, VA 22304

What is Rich Doing?

When you come across Rich Winkler Painting in Alexandria, Virginia, you may be wondering what Rich is doing with a dust buster.

Interior Painting Work Done in Falls Church, VA

“We recently had Rich Winkler Painting do considerable interior painting for us.  The prep work included not just the usual patching and sanding but also repairing a good size hole in our ceiling and damage done by a water leak.”

– Falls Church, VA 22046

Paint Restoration in Arlington, Virginia

Preparation is one of the most important factors in paint restoration for older buildings, like the ones in Arlington, Virginia and other areas in Northern Virginia. These efforts include stripping the paint and sanding, in order to get the surfaces ready.