Bright Ideas

January 30, 2017
Looking for some bright ideas to brighten your home? How about a palate of choices.

Cracked and Peeling Paint

January 18, 2017
Cracked, chipped and peeling paint can let in rain and moisture, trapping it underneath the paint. This can lead to water damage, wood rot, and makes the visible problem worse. In older homes, this needs special attention to not only fix what you see, but repair the hidden damage. Call us for an estimate and to schedule your work before the rain does more damage to your home.

Painting Blues

January 11, 2017
Once you’ve decided on the right shade of Colonial Blue for that room, give us a call to turn the room into what you envisioned it could be.  
Paint brush, can and tray

Dreaming of Spring?

January 5, 2017
Winter is a great time to start planning your spring and summer projects. Call us to help you make your winter daydreams a springtime reality!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017
We wish you a safe, happy and prosperous new year!