Painting and Restoration of the Church in Old Town Alexandria

One of our most recent jobs was painting and restoring the Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Old Town Alexandria. The building is dated from the early 18th century, and our team is proud to be part of the maintenance of this historic landmark. Rich Winkler Painting has a great reputation in the Alexandria area for our high quality painting and restoration!

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High Quality Materials and Specialized Techniques Make for a Long Lasting Paint Job

Are you wondering why your last paint job only lasted a few years before chipping and wearing away? What sets the Rich Winkler Painting crew apart from other companies is that we only use high quality materials and always ensure proper preparation before painting. Contact us today for painting and decorating in Alexandria, VA that will last!

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Ready to Start Your Interior Painting in Washington, DC

“The Rich Winkler Painting Crew came in and worked very professionally and diligently. The team was great at managing the job and cleaning up meticulously after. My family and I are very happy with the interior painting done and would highly recommend them to our neighbors!”
– S.R. in Washington, DC

Our trained and skilled crew is ready to tackle your interior painting project! Contact Rich Winkler today.

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Rich Observing the Finer Details in Old Town Alexandria

What is Rich observing during this site project in Old Town Alexandria? The high quality work of his crew! The Rich Winkler Painting team are all highly trained and skilled craftsmen who take the time to deliver a beautiful, thorough and detailed paint job that will last.

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Rich Winkler Talks Painting Historic Alexandria

Rich Winkler details the differences and similarities of painting historic sites versus residential homes in Alexandria, VA.

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Team Painted the Interior of a Town Home in Washington DC

“Rich Winkler Painting did a fantastic job on the rooms in my town home. Careful preparation, good execution and efficient clean-up. The painting team was very pleasant and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend them for any interior painting that you need done!” – J.W. in Washington, DC

For your interior or exterior painting, call Rich Winkler today!

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Rich Winkler Talks Restoration and Painting in Old Town Alexandria

Rich Winkler explains his most recent project in Old Town Alexandria. For your next restoration and painting project, contact Rich Winkler Painting today!

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We Are Completed Prepared for Your Painting Project in Alexandria, VA

“I am writing to thank you and your wonderful crew for the meticulous, on-time and on-budget work you did on our house. Painting and restoring a historic house is always full of surprises requiring high levels of professional care and knowledge. You and your team helped me recognize needs I had not anticipated and solved problems we did not expect, all within the cost and time frame we had discussed. I now rely on you as experts I can trust. Thank you for a job well done, and a relationship I will value through the years.”
– M.W in Alexandria, VA

The Rich Winkler team always comes prepared for all interior or exterior painting projects. Contact us today!

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Older Home in DC that Needs Interior Painting

“I’d like to request painting for my dining room, the hallway leading up to the kitchen, and two bedrooms, please. It’s an older home, and we are looking to refresh the look of it. Thank you!”

– Washington DC

Whether your home is old or new, the Rich Winkler painting crew is up to the task! Contact us today for your next interior painting project.

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Noticing Your Home’s Exterior Needs New Paint?

Does your home’s exterior need a new coat of paint? Spending time outside in the summer makes you notice the details of your home that may need maintenance. For detailed craftsmanship and painting, contact Rich Winkler in Alexandria, VA today!

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